NxWorries – Lyk Dis


The history between Anderson.Paak and extreme looper Knxwledge is an extensive one, so it’s easy to understand that when they come together as NxWorries that their music is nothing less than trans-formative. After news broke that the duo would not only be releasing a new album, but that it was also dubbed by Paak himself as his “best work yet,” we got goosebumps. Both have dropped exemplary music between 2015 and 2016, straying away from the noise rap hubbub and refining their smooth, fluid works and sounds respectively.

Fast forward a few months and we now have an official release. Yes Lawd will be available to the masses on October 21st through Stones Throw with an extensive 19 track song list. Along with this news, we were treated with a single from the album titled Lyk Dis. It’s textbook Paak and Knx… fierce vocals and smooth talking as the beat knocks subtly, leaving you nothing left to do but bounce along. Take a listen below.

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