KAYTRANADA Remixes Solange’s Cranes In The Sky


Born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Louis Kevin Celestin relocated to Montreal shortly after birth and was subsequently raised in the French-Canadian city. Around the age of fourteen or fifteen, Celestin began to DJ and produce, eventually going under the alias ‘Kaytradamus’ in 2010. His name was switched to Kaytranada in 2012, right around when the internet age of music was beginning to flourish.

Most of us were acquainted with Kaytranada through his remixes early on. It was clear he had a knack for chopping samples and infusing them with his signature house-funk whimsy. In 2014 Kaytranada announced he’d signed an exclusive deal with XL Records (signees include Adele, The xx, Radiohead,) but not much was known further at the time. On May 6, 2016, Kaytranada released his debut album 99.9% to widespread acclaim.

It’s important to understand the necessity of Kaytranada’s sound especially in today’s realm of music. With the inevitable rise of the internet, music was being accessed and released at an alarming rate making it harder to hark on the good, bad or just plain one-note. Music was and is becoming lazy at the expense of the listener. We should be more inclined to demand better.

Through all of this, Kaytranada has remained seamless. He strategically picks songs (generally R&B,) and adds a momentum that is unseen in anything anyone has heard for some time. His music taste will leave you in envy an conjure feelings of nostalgia. If the release of 99.9% has taught us anything it’s that Kaytranada really, really wants to make you dance and to adopt a feeling when you hear his music, whatever it may be. If his story doesn’t inspire you, his music is assured to.

Take a listen to his latest drop, a remix of the excellent song Cranes In The Sky by Solange from her album A Seat at the Table below and read our review of Solange here.

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